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With a Whisper and a Roar

Well, it's been a long time getting here ... this is a full-term-baby (9-months in the making! LOL,) but our girl 831 is finally off and flying again.

Below, those interested will find print specs and ordering information. But first I'd like to again thank all of you who have watched 831 get her wings, and give a big thank you to all who have sent letters of encourgement over the last nine months. Each letter was deeply appreciated, more than you can possibly know.

Special thanks to Captain Jim Holder for his time and patience and for supplying me with the necessary technical information regarding the Boeing 727, and 831, which allowed me to pull this painting off. It is important to remember, however, that it was my hand that guided the brush, so if there are any shortcomings, they are mine and mine alone ... don't go writing him any nasty letters! :o)

Thank you Chas McHugh for your watchful eye and helpful suggestions. Thank you Ann Morris for always being there and for launching me onto the web.

Thank you Tina Turner, Phil Collins, Anne Murray & The Eagles for rockin' the studio while I paint.

And a big bear hug to all Former Eastern Airlines Employees for having been a part of what was possibly the greatest airline in the world!

With a Whisper and a Roar is dedicated to the Memory of Robin Costakes.

"With a Whisper and a Roar" is my 4th published print. Making a final decision on what "size" the print should be proved difficult, but after speaking with several of the folks who had expressed interest in purchasing the print once made, I decided to go with a smaller print, as a common theme seemed to appear in all responses: A smaller print takes up less room on an already crowded pilot's "I love me" wall. A smaller print costs less to have properly framed. And thirdly, and most important from my standpoint, a smaller print allows me to keep the cost of the print easily affordable to anyone wanting to own a quality reproduction of my original work.

Offical Release Date -- July 1, 2000. ORDERS BEGIN SHIPPING ON JULY 10th.
Please scroll down to the bottom of this page
for ordering instructions.

With a Whisper and a Roar

From an Original Painting by Richard Louis Newman:


Limited Edition Print:

Image: 9 3/4" X 12 1/8"

Overall: 12 1/4" X 14 5/8"

Archival 80LB acid-free paper

4-Color Process Lithograph

Certificate of Authenticity

Edition: 500 Signed & Numbered by the Artist

Cost: $60.00

Artist Proofs:

25 Signed & Numbered Artist Proofs -- SOLD OUT

(Artist proofs are the first prints off the press by which I assure that the print is ready for the Limited Edition run. The press "color keys" and "trim lines" are intentionally LEFT ON the print. These markings are what makes the artist proof different from the Limited Edition run, and while the markings may be covered with matting during the framing process, they should NOT be cut off or the proof will loose its value!)

Original Painting:

If you're wealthy and you have more money than you know what to do with ... the original painting is for sale:

24" X 30" Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

$1,727.00 plus Shipping


Official Publication Date is July 1, 2000.

Orders will be shipped in the order they are received.

If you wish to request a specific "print number", please do so when you place your order. If that number is already taken, the next available print number will be sent.

To order: For CREDIT or DEBIT CARD orders, please click on the "PAYPAL" logo beneath the item you wish to purchase. Richard Louis Newman has chosen the PayPal system for credit card transactions. The service is free and secure.

If you'd like to order with check or money order, please contact the artist via email for instructions. Just click on the email banner below. Thank You.

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