Three Over the Fence

Updated October 24th, 2007.

Three Over the Fence is completed, signed, and in print. I'd like to thank all of the folks who helped get us to this point.

Pre-production photography:
Robert Guzman and Richard Catalano.

Print Production Photography:
George Cott at Eagle Photographics, Tampa.

Print Design & Graphics:
Steve & Patty Rabstejnek at King Printing and Graphics, Brandon.

Thanks to Chas McHugh, British aviation artist and friend whose input early on helped save this project!

Retired EAL Captain, Jim Holder.

My family, friends and fans who are a constant source of encouragement and support!

For Paul Arnold "Arnie" Newman, who earned his heavenly wings way too soon. This one, brother, is for you.

To Order:

Prints will be shipped on a first in - first out basis.

Limited Edition print is $55.00 + S&H.
Artist's Proofs: $110.00 + S&H.

Shipping and Handling Charges are $4.50 per mailing. We can put two prints in the same tube on multiple print orders at no additional charge.
Insurance is available (recommended) for and extra $2.50 per print.

How to Order:

If you want to order with check or money order,
Paypal orders are accepted by logging into your Paypal account and sending
your payment to: richardlouisnewman@gmail.com, or simply return to the main page of the
website and click on, ORDER. You can then purchase via Paypal with the click of a button.

Release Date -- October 16th, 2007.

Three Over the Fence

From an Original Painting by Richard Louis Newman:


Limited Edition Print:

Image: 9" X 13 1/4"

Overall: 11" X 15 3/4"

Archival 80LB acid-free paper

4-Color Process Lithograph

Certificate of Authenticity

Edition: 500 Signed & Numbered by the Artist

Cost: $55.00

Artist Proofs:

25 Signed & Numbered Artist Proofs -- $110.00

(Artist proofs are the first prints off the press by which Rich assures that the print is ready for the Limited Edition run. The press "color keys" and "trim lines" are intentionally LEFT ON the print. These markings are what makes the artist proof different from the Limited Edition run, and while the markings may be covered with matting during the framing process, they should NOT be cut off or the proof will loose its value!)

Original Painting:

24" X 36" Acrylic on Stretched Canvas


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