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On April 25th, I received an email from Lisa Barrett in Atlanta.
She's with a group of former Eastern Airlines Flight Attendants known as The Silverliners.
She was putting together a cookbook for the Northside Atlanta Chapter. Would I
allow them to use my EAL 727 painting on the cover? The cookbook proceeds would
go to charity.

Yes, they could use the image.

Galley Girls, First Class Fare is now available, all 246 pages of it. The cookbook
committee made up of Lisa Barrett, Louise Thompson Lindke and Linda Sebastian
Tarkenton have compiled a recipe for success with enough tasty treats and delicacies
to fill a L-1011. Whether you are a bachelor like myself, a married fella looking
for a special gift to please the lady in your life (MOM included!!!), First Class Fare
delivers the smooth approach needed to get you over the threshold and centered on the
runway of great eating.

It's all about the History and the Cause!

Three remarkable women, Carol Montell Harlin, Doris Coughlin Self and Claire Ward
Westhafer got together in New York to talk about their "flying days". They took the
steps needed from that meeting in 1954 to bring about the most unusual organization
in the world -- The Silverliners. They met with Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, founder
of Eastern Airlines, who named the organization "Silverliners". He comment was "his
girls were the silver lining of any dark cloud".

In 1968, the four independent chapters came together to become the National
Silverliners. The meeting of the New York, New Jersey, Miami, and Atlanta chapters
was held in Atlanta. In 1974, with the addition of the Mexico chapter, as well as
members in Canada and Europe the group became the International Silverliners.

In 1987, the Silverliners adopted an International Charity Fund, The Hole in the
Wall Gang Camp, whose founder was Paul Newman, actor and philanthropist. The camp
is for children coping with cancer and other serious illnesses and conditions.
Silverliners has raised more than $100,000 for the camp including meeting their
initial pledge of building a cabin. The Silverliners name plaque is on that cabin.
They continue to support other needs of the camp including camp scholarships.

Over the years they have found ways for the International group to stay close by
encouraging the chapters to participate in a nationwide endeavor with their "Flight
to the North Pole." This annual event has brought much joy to challenged and
critically ill children and their families.

Members and their chapters have helped raise thousands of dollars and spent many
hours helping others as volunteers for Eastern Airlines.

The Silverlines celebrated their 55th Anniversary in 2009...56 years of fund raising,
fun, and friendship thanks to Eastern Airlines, their founders, and each and every
member past and present.

How can I get this cookbook?!!!

Send your check or money order for $18.50 plus $5.00 S&H per book to:

Silverliners International
1974 Stafford Place
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 565-5181


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