The Aviation Art of Richard Louis Newman


"North by Northwest"

Session One: The Sketch.

Well, officially we have two paintings in work in the studio as of today. I had to really play with the lighting on this image so that you could see the pencil sketch, and of course you can tell at once from that big tail engine this is a DC-10. This is also the first airliner I have painted that is not in Eastern Airline colors, and to those of you who have it on the tip of your tongue -- no I am not selling out! ;o) Yes, Eastern did fly a couple DC-10s over the Atlantic to London, but they were a rare sight, and besides, when I first began toying with the idea of painting the DC-10, three airlines came to mind. United, Northwest, and National (remember them? Hi -- I'm Barbara, Fly me!") To be perfectly honest, National almost won out, but then I happened to watch an old Hollywood classic last night, by the great Alfred Hitchcock, starring Cary Grant. You may remember the movie? "North by Northwest". The rest, as they say, is history. Northwest is is.

Every painting I do on line is "as it happens" and I will say at the start that anything can happen ... including my deciding I don't like the way things are going and ditching the entire project. But I can see clearly in my head the way this painting will look once completed, and all that remains to be seen is whether or not I can pull it off. So please check back to see the DC-10 progress and don't forget to visit the DC-8 studio as I work on two paintings at one time.

Thanks to the folks at MacDill Airforce Base for the opportunity to visit a KC-10 "up close and personal!" This is of course the military version of the DC-10. This particular ship is a tanker/refueler, but regardless of how you slice it, it is the sister of the Northwest Orient aircraft I am painting, and it is always great to see the actual aircraft when you can, let alone touch and feel it! Don't let the photograph fool you as to the size of the number three engine behind me. I was actually standing about midway between the camera the engine ... that air intake is large enough for me to stand up with lots of room to spare!

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