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Chased by the Devil!

In the Studio with the fabulous P-38 Lightning
with Aviation Artist Richard Louis Newman

Known to the enemy as the "forked tailed devil"
Richard catches the sleek twin-engine fighter in hot pursuit of a Japenese Zero in this, painting two of four.

"Getting Started"
This painting launched with a roar! The first day on the easil made a lot of progress. What you are seeing is the background base, on which I will glaze in more clouds, with the aircraft set into position. The airplanes are being painted in "flat" at present -- notice there are no shadows present on the aircraft. The colors you see are the "underneath" colors. Glazing will bring forth the shadows and true hues. This one should be a lot of fun, so please check back often and let me hear from you.

"Week 2"
To be posted.  
"Week 3"
To be posted
"Week 4"
To be posted.


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