The Aviation Art of Richard Louis Newman

Lightning Strikes Twice!

In the Studio with the fabulous P-38 Lightning
with Aviation Artist Richard Louis Newman

Known to the enemy as the "forked tailed devil"
Richard catches this sleek twin-engine fighter swooping down on a Japanese destroyer.

"Getting Started"
As usual, I began with a white canvas and set about working on the paint. As we are working with acrylic there is a short window in which the paint can be blended, so I have to work fast. In this photo, the background colors have dried and the aircraft and ship have been set in place. This painting is set in the south pacific, so the water will be bright blue, but not as blue as we see here. The color will be tamed down using thin glazes one on top of another as the painting progresses.

"Week 2"
This image shows the "tiger-teeth" put on as well as the aircraft's number.  
"Week 3"
Note that another P-38 has appeared in the sky. In the next image I will "chop up" the water a little bit as I paint in the string of shell-fire from the P-38. Please check back often as this painting nears completion.
"Week 4"
We are all but done this week. I have a bit more glazing I want to do on the horizon, and a touch more detail to go on the aircraft ... and I have to "sink" the background P-38 into the painting a bit more, and this will be done by applying very thin coats of blue onto the aircraft itself. So the next posted image will most likely be the completed painting.
Sunday, the 21st., I will begin the next of the P-38 series, and will begin posting images soon. The next painting will feature a P-38 chasing a "Zeke" and should be a lot of fun to paint, so please visit soon and check it out!


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