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The mention of my books in the opening bio on my web page has prompted several inquiries from visitors as to the availibility of my two novels, SIEGE OF ORBITOR, and ON WINGS OF EVIL. Here then are shots of the covers, and an attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Siege of Orbitor hit the bookstands in October of 1980 -- 24 years ago -- when I was only 24 years old. This was my first effort as a writer. The Science Fiction book was published by Leisure Books in New York City as a mass-market paperback. About 50,000 copies were distributed throughout the United States and Canada. Currently, the book is out of print, but copies continue to pop up in used bookshops all over the world. I learned recently that it had been spotted in the United Kingdom! Copies are also available on-line via Siege of Orbitor is pure space opera. It contains profanity and one or two suggestive adult situations. Therefore I do not recommend it for younger readers.

On Wings of Evil is a horror novel that first saw print through Leisure Books in August of 1988. The paperback book was reprinted about three years ago through Book Margins Inc. with a new cover price. Acquiring the numbers of copies distributed from a publisher is difficult at best, and with Leisure it's next to impossible. One of my editors with the house at the time of publication reported the print run to be between 80,000 & 100,000 copies. I do not know the edition size of the second printing. Out of print at present, your best bet is to check with, or your local used bookstores. You should be able to find a copy. There are plenty of them out there. On Wings of Evil contains a little bit of profanity, but there are no sexual references in the story. Of my two books, it is the best, and if you like supernatural tales, it may do the trick for you. Lock the doors, turn the lights down low and enjoy! It is my hope that you will find yourself bathed in chill bumps...


If you have a copy of these novels, and you'd like them signed, just mail them to my studio address along with return postage, and I'll sign and return them to you.

I have written three short stories that have seen publication. Close, personal friend, CAB Taylor penned two of the three with me. Those were PRESSURE POINT, which appeared in Espionage Magazine, and EIGHT LEGS HATH THE SPIDER, published in Haunts Magazine back in 1989. The third, a story titled THE WISHING STONE, was published in The Tampa Tribune's Fiction Quarterly. This work probably offered me the largest single audience of anything I've done, with an estimated 800,000 readers.

Unfortunately, I do not know where you can obtain copies of any of the short fiction.

I do not write often these days. Most of my time is spent painting. Lately however, several people have asked if I ever get the urge to write again, and to this I usually say, "Not much." However, a couple years back, I began a book on which I wrote about 250 pages. Lately I've been wondering whatever happened to the characters that I boxed up and stuck in a closet. They're still in there -- and it seems lately they call out to me whenever I pass that closet door. Soon I feel I will answer their call, drag them out and get reacquainted. For theirs is an unfinished tale, their plight unresolved. I owe it to them to complete the work. So yes -- I'll write again. And with luck, some editor someplace will like what they read. And if that happens, I'll see you in the bookstores...


8 - August - 2004

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