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What's New?

"Shore Birds"

Original Painting in Progress.

Watch this page for more updates on "Shore Birds".

Before I began painting aircraft, I cut my "painter's teeth" on landscapes and seascapes. Even now I get an occasional request for a seascape / beach scene that has nothing to do with aviation, but recently, I thought it might be fun to combine the two, and the result is "SHORE BIRDS", featuring the F4-U Corsair.

This painting is being created on a 16" X 20" stretched canvas, which is a bit smaller than what I normally work on. Most of the time I paint on 18" X 24" or larger, and if this painting turns out well, I may well recreate it on another, larger canvas.

I hope you'll enjoy Shore Birds, so please visit often, and do let me hear for you. Email me directly at:

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