with Richard Louis Newman

CAT & MOUSE (August 11, 1998):
In the very early stages of work comes Cat & Mouse. This painting features the TBM Avenger in pursuit of a Japanese Zero, the two dodging clouds in a futile effort to gain a superior striking position. Whenever I see the Avenger, I am reminded of the infamous Flight 19, the Navy squadron that, while on routine training mission, disappeared without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle. Big, powerful, the Avenger is an enjoyable subject for me to paint.

HAUCK RIDES AGAIN: (August 11, 1998):

Discovery rises on twin pillars of flame in my depiction of America's return to space after nearly three years on the ground following the Challenger accident. The STS-26 mission was commanded by Astronaut Frederick "Rick" Hauck. I had the privilege of corresponding with Astronaut Hauck after his successful flight. This painting is my tribute to Rick and crew who flew Discovery off the pad into the unknown, carried aloft on redesigned solid rocket motors, the failure of which, caused the Challenger disaster.

FLORENCE (August 11, 1998):
The Mitchell B-25 is another of my favorite WWII aircraft. It was in a B-25 similar to this one that Jimmy Doolittle and his group of brave pilots launched from a carrier in the South Pacific to fly a direct attack on Tokyo. One especially fun aspect of painting aircraft is that I get to name them. This perhaps bends history just a bit, but that's what I call artistic license. I often name planes after friends and family. The B-25 in this work carries the name of my Grandmother, "Florence" J. Tubbs.



"This is one of the paintings I'm currently working on in the studio. It's for my big brother Arnold. He thinks the F-86 was perhaps the greatest thing made with wings. He could be right." -- RLN Please check back to this site for current information on ARNIE'S BABE.

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